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Why Crunches Won’t Get You Abs


If you want a flatter stomach get on your yoga mat and so some crunches, endlessly. Surely, this will be the answer to your prayers and your time and effort spent into every crunch will result in rock hard abs right; wrong. The myth that you can target a specific area of the body to get rid of fat is slowly being denounced. Americans everywhere are figuring it out; working on one area of the body to achieve maximum results simply doesn’t work.

While it sounds like it should make perfect sense fat break down does not work like that. During exercise fat is broken down and transported within the bloodstream, when used as fuel it can come from anywhere in the body. That burning sensation you feel while doing crunches can actually be burning fat somewhere else in the body.

To achieve that 6-pack abs you have to put in the work. In addition to doing crunches you must cut out carbs and go for more lean proteins all while staying in the gym or with consistent home workouts. High intensity interval training has been proven to lead to greater calorie burn in less time. Ditch the longer workouts and pick up the speed.