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Why Couples are Turning to a Wife Swapping Relationship

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Wife swapping is nothing new, ancient Rome and even Egypt widely practiced it. Even different cultures that you would never suspect practiced wife swapping, even the Eskimo's. The definition of a marriage relationship has changed drastically over a period of time. Couples are no longer bound to the strict boundaries of a committed relation. They would rather explore all other opportunities which were considered sins in the traditional marriage book. In contrast to the earlier marital society, the present society is dealing with concepts like wife swapping and swinging. The interesting fact is that the number is increasing with each and every passing day. Now the question is why couples are turning to a wife swapping relation? We have tried to find out an answer of this vital question in the following discussion:

Boredom in Marital Sex:

Couples usually feel bored to have sex with the same partner after a few years of marriage and complain sexual dissatisfaction. They want to explore new possibilities and advantages in sex which most of the time seems impossible with the present partner. Hence, they opt for swapping methods to get a sex partner in order to satisfy their craving desire for a new definition of sex.

For Fun:

Wife swapping is not necessarily every time because of sexual dissatisfaction. A percentage of couple gets involved in swapping process just for fun. Both partners agree to change their sex partner just to have a short fun time with someone other than their day to day partner. In fact , this reason is founded to be more popular compared to the other factors responsible for swapping partners.

Middle Class Ideology:

Couples feel frustrated and confined under orthodox principles and ideologies of middle class society. Most of the couples are mainly from middle class society who complain of sexual dissatisfaction owing to various restrictions. Some couples want to have an out of the book sexual adventure. Hence, they look for a swapping partner option in order to break the confinement and to get freedom of breaking the traditional form of sex. In this process both the partners get freedom to feel the ultimate joy of sex in the way they have always wanted.


This is another emerging reason for couples getting involved in partner swapping. Couples feel excited and are full of curiosity to know more about sexual experiences. They hear stories, read and see various aspects of sex which they feel can’t be performed with their spouse. Curiosity of sexual intercourse with other partners takes the couples to a swapping option. They want to experiment and feel how it is to have sex with other females rather than their wife.

Marital Issues:

Marriage always comes with various issues ranging from minor to severe. Such issues sometimes incite couples to think of a swapping partner relationship. They want to relax their mind and take a break from their household problems. And the best option that couples find is a swapping relationship. Couples remark that they feel more energetic and happy after having asexual encounter with their swapping partner. A short time off from family problems is found to be one of the reasons for growing swapping partner concept.

Marriage Saver:

Many people feel that swapping method is a good idea to save a shaken relationship. Married couples agreed to involve in swapping process just to save their marriage. It is reported that 85% couples involved in swapping practice have expressed stronger bonding with their spouse. Now, couples from every section of the society are taking up the wife swapping practice to save their dyeing marriage from divorce. Most people do not realize that swingers have lower divorce rates than monogamous couples.

Sexual Fantasy:

Boys have a lot of sexual fantasy with their partner. But, in some cases it is reported that their spouses fail to meet that expectation. Hence, they look for a swapping method which serves to the basic purpose of confidentiality and satisfaction. The world of fantasy is something that can’t be generalized and hence differs from person to person. To satisfy this fantasy couples look for swapping option which seems very effective and secured for them.

Wife swapping is becoming a trend of present life style. Sites like SwingLifeStyle cater to wife swapping dating, started the online trend over a decade ago. It seems that most of the peoples are slowly feeling comfortable with this new trend. Well, the reason for each couple to enter into this kind of relation may be different but the solution for all of them seems the same.

Above discussed topics are the some of the most common reasons for couples turning to a wife swapping relationship. Research shows that apart from the discussed points there are also various other reasons for the current wife swapping trend. Several social, emotional, psychological and even economic reasons are found to be behind this exchanging partner concept.

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