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Why colored diamonds and gemstones are popular choices for engagement rings

There are many reasons to choose colored diamonds or gemstones for your engagement ring.
There are many reasons to choose colored diamonds or gemstones for your engagement ring.
Photo by Bored-Now via Flickr

Colored diamonds and gemstones hit the runways at New York Fashion Week and at Bridal Fashion Week. White diamonds are usually the most sought after stones by millionaires. Zales released their Candy Colored collection while Levian's chocolate diamonds are growing in popularity. Why are colored diamonds suddenly popular with engaged couples? There are some reasons why they're taking over the engagement ring segment.

The first reason is that colored diamonds are unique and rare. When something is in small supply, it's usually in great demand, as thought of in the laws of supply and demand. This is the case with colored diamonds and gemstones. Most of these diamonds are rare and tend to come from one place of origin. Men from MillionaireMatch like to give their girlfriends something rare and rare diamonds are an exception. It's not only rare, but it's different and women love that.

Colored diamonds and gemstones are also more customizable than white diamonds. If you love to wear blue, then you should get a blue diamond engagement ring. Another option is the ability to customize wedding jewelry, especially wedding rings. Men can choose a ring in their future bride's favorite color or in their wedding colors. Couples are choosing colored diamonds and gemstones for ceremony jewelry, as well.

These diamonds are also great heirloom items. These rings can be passed down from generation to generation. Diamond engagement rings are typically common when it comes to heirloom items. A ring with a colored diamond adds a unique touch, making it a special heirloom item.

Colored diamonds and gemstones are truly worth the investment since they're so rare. Many investors rather purchase loose colored diamonds and place them in vaults like they do with silver and gold jewelry. It's good to know that your engagement ring could be worth something later in life when and if you need to sell it.

These rings also offer a form of expression. Expressing oneself is a theme that's popular when it comes to engagements and weddings. Some people like to express their love with matching tattoos or engagement photos. Other people would rather have colored diamonds or gemstones on their engagement rings. Opting for a colored diamond over a classic white diamond allows you to express your personality. It also adds a statement to your ring, but in a way that's tasteful and refined. This option may appeal to many couples.

The reasons for purchasing colored diamonds and gemstones are quite clear. They're popular because they're rare and customizable. They also are worth the investment and are a great heirloom piece to have in your collection. Gemstones and colored diamonds also offer great self expression. It's no wonder why so many celebrities like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood choose these types of gems. With so many options to choose from, it's become harder to choose one to like. A successful couple from MillionaireMatch can pick out a gemstone that's worth the investment and expresses the personality of the fiancé.

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