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Why co-op mode is in ‘Homefront: The Revoluton’ and Crytek’s new-gen ambition

Homefront: The Revolution
Homefront: The Revolution
Photo courtesy Crytek, used with permission

Crytek is building a large open-world map for players to freely roam in Homefront: The Revolution. After knowing that they would be taking the time to build an intricate world system, the developer decided that co-op would be a natural fit for the upcoming shooter. Adam Duckett, lead designer on Homefront: The Revolution, discussed the game’s inclusion of co-op multiplayer while speaking exclusively to Examiner. Duckett also spoke about how the new-gen hardware allowed Crytek to implement the features that they wanted.

The decision to add a co-op element to Homefront: The Revolution was made early in the game’s development. Duckett explained that it simply made sense to allow multiple players in the open-world environments that they were creating. Crytek was already investing heavily in the title’s free-roam maps and they lent themselves perfectly to a co-op experience. However, Duckett stressed that gamers should expect more from the game’s co-op elements than just freely roaming oppressed Philadelphia with friends. Players will be able to form their own Resistance Cells within the game to become heroes of the second American Revolution.

Duckett also confirmed that the developer is fully embracing the new hardware to push the systems of Homefront: The Revolution further than any game that they’ve ever built before, claiming “this is the most ambitious project we’ve tackled.” By only developing the game for new-gen consoles and PC, Crytek can focus entirely on the new technology to really stretch the capabilities of the CryEngine.

Homefront: The Revolution will release in 2015 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. The game will place players inside of an open-world Philadelphia that succumbed to an inhumane military occupation. As part of a new resistance movement, gamers will fight back as part of America’s new Revolutionary War that is taking place on the streets of one of the city’s most known as an icon for American freedom.