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Why clearing the clutter in your life will open new opportunities

Clearing clutter in your life helps to help move your life forward, but it can be a difficult experience. Having clutter in your life can hold you back from relationships, earning money and it can move your life in a positive direction. Clutter clearing has become more popular over the last few years as people who have purchased a lot of stuff attempt to organize it or even get rid of it. TV shows about hoarding have become popular because people can relate in some way to the people on the shows.

Clutter clearing is an interesting business and numerous books have been written on the subject. Karen Kingston wrote “Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui” over 10 years ago and has had three updated editions since. Her no nonsense way of explaining how clutter affects us (even physically) and makes anyone want to get rid of whatever they don’t need or use in their life.

Clutter can weigh us down; it affects our health, our emotions and our relationships. It’s amazing how quickly clutter can gather around us, building an almost protective barrier from the world around us, but at the same time it keeps us away from the rest of the world.

One woman is attempting to clear all of the clutter out of her house in 2014 and is blogging about the experience. “365 days to clear your clutter” blog by Marci Stone shows the process of what can happen when you decide to let go of all of those things you no longer use, need or want. Getting rid of the clutter can be a life changing experience.

The “365 days to clear your clutter” author shares interesting stories from her and her friends about purchasing clothing they already had, or expensive make-up purchases that sit in their original store bag for several years, and about those “free” samples given in department stores. Are they really free? Marci has vowed to not replace the clutter with more clutter and refuses to buy anything new this year as a result. She also talks about selling some of her clutter in an effort to make some money on this clutter clearing business.

To read the “365 days to clear your clutter” Wordpress blog, click here.

Clutter may be in your purse, your car, your house, your mailbox or even your email inbox. The more clutter we collect the worse our lives seem to become. Organizing a room and getting rid of the clutter in that room opens up space to allow new opportunities into your life.

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