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Why Christie may have orchestrated Bridgegate

Chris Christie
Chris Christie
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

New Jersey governor for the sake of being candidate for president, Chris Christie, has found himself in a pickle over his staff causing a massive traffic jam for the purpose of political pay-back. He says he had nothing to do with it and gives a press conference saying so while expressing outrage that it ever happened. I'm not buying it. Here are the reasons we are led to think that he had nothing to do with it:

He is a poor judge of character even if he knows someone for most of his life and is in fact his friend:

Do you know anyone now that you've been friends with since High School? Let's say you do and you're the boss and you hire the friend in a responsible position. The friend is looking after you and does something vindictive on your behalf that has no positive affects on him. Your friend then has no remorse and in fact is quite happy about his machinations. You know the guy, are you surprised by this?

This is incredulous if the answer is yes, which is Christie's answer. But if we were to give the benefit of the doubt, at least in this area: Christie knows his high school buddy has a creep streak in him and it isn't lost to him that he would perform such a dirty trick. He blocks traffic on the George Washington Bridge to cause a major traffic jam and doesn't let Christie know he did it. Okay, fine. That doesn't allow Christie to be off the hook for allowing such a character in such a position in the first place. How many other jerks does Christie know for a long time that he supposedly never knew was a jerk all this time? Okay let's trust him to hire people he barely knows and have him in the White House on top of it. Makes sense? Not!

Christie experiences two nights in one:

Rush Limbaugh noticed at Christie's press conference that the governor said he had just learned of the damaging email's just "yesterday." Christie was so upset about it that he hadn't "slept in two nights". That's one night too many. You can do that with hamburgers but not with time....alright that was a cheap shot.

Another Democrat mayor doesn't play ball and it's a coincidence that state officials cancel meetings with him all at once?

The manufactured traffic jam was in response to the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee not endorsing Christie for re-election, at least this we deduce from the damaging email's. He doesn't need these endorsements in order to win but wants them so that he can be a bipartisan kind of guy that even Democrats (who have such good taste by the way) love him. This allows him to run for president with a message that he's no right wing nut and in fact a big lovable lug that anyone would like. The mayor of Jersey City is not endorsing Christie either and as National Review notes:

Another Democratic mayor, Jersey City’s Steven Fulop, claims that the day he announced he would not support Christie, a string of state commissioners, one by one, called to cancel meetings to address the city’s problems — and that he’s had great difficulty getting Trenton’s attention ever since.

Andrew C. McCarthy, the author of the piece doesn't believe Christie is overtly involved in retribution towards the Democratic mayors and in that I disagree. But assuming he isn't, Christie in the least has cultured Trenton executives to be unprofessional in their duties for the sake of one mans ambitions at the determent of the citizens of New Jersey.

Either way we choose to look at it, Christie is finished or at least ought to be.

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