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Why cheap oil is here to stay

David Petraeus with Robert Freeman
David Petraeus with Robert Freeman
James Tucker

CNN posts an article entitled “Why Cheap Oil is here to Stay” espousing "The world will never run out of oil," Deutsche Bank analysts wrote in a recent research note, echoing the old logic that the Stone Age didn't end because the world ran out of stone.”

Whatta concept. I claim no expertise in this topic. So of course I have an opinion, humble as it is. I’m a fool. I’m a fool for faithfully buying oil stock as a hedge against, well, all things economic and social. I’m a fool for wanting our country to go to clean, sustainable, renewable energy like wind and sun. I’m a fool for thinking our entire national, no, indeed global economy is left at the mercy of the middle eastern countries marionette strings on the price of oil. I’m a fool for thinking that if we extricate ourselves from them that we will have increased security at the homeland.

And all the world is a fool with me, especially our lawmakers for wasting any time on addressing oil and energy as an issue since there’s so much oil. No, check that, especially the leaders of Exxon and other oil behemoths, for paying ridiculous prices for oil to OPEC, as they have the exacting expertise that I do not claim, and they go right on buying.


  • Robert Freeman 5 years ago

    Hey, thanks for using my picture. I have a fan club if y'all wanna join. You only have to believe in the US Constitution as it was originaly wrote to be a member. The US Constituition is not a living document for the lily-livered left-winger liberals to manipulate. Oil is like, well...milk, you gotta have it. So whence oil runs dry and fades to clean renewable energy, expect the same to happen to milk and other "gotta haves". Greed has no shame.