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Why certain dogs are left behind

Meet Buttercup. Buttercup and Damen are examples of dogs left behind.
Meet Buttercup. Buttercup and Damen are examples of dogs left behind.
PAWS Chicago

Why, may you ask are certain dogs left behind in rescues or shelters while others are scooped up practically the second that they arrive? PAWS Chicago is concerned for the mental health as well as the physical health of these particular canines.

Sometimes after being left behind again and again while other dogs come and go, the canines left behind get depressed. They stop eating, hang their heads in shame and refuse to even come to the front of their carriers when people arrive looking to adopt. How sad is that?

When animals shy away from them, they tend to get the wrong impression; perhaps even believing that the dog may be troublesome or non-personal. A round robin of negativity occurs at this point!

Currently PAWS Chicago is sad to announce that they have a few dogs that fit into the category of being passed over time and again. Although this Chicago Shelter is the largest No-Kill Shelter in and around Chicagoland, they still would like to see these animals find their forever home so that they are able to rescue more animals that need them.

Some of the other reasons that dogs do not get adopted is because they are black in color. When animals have black fur or hair, their features are indistinct; no one can tell how cute they are or can tell their emotions because they are hidden behind their blacked-out color.

Some animals may have been treated with disrespect, so they are hesitant when someone approaches them. Dogs do not end up in shelters because they are the center of someone’s world. Many animals are abused, dumped and forgotten – as if they never even existed. This type of treatment could cause any animal species to be hesitant!

The canines that have been abused or left to their own accord have difficulty with trust issues. The dogs will back off, bare their teeth as if to tell visitors that they are not welcome, or continuously cry. This does not make for an easy adoption – and who can blame the people looking for a pet to be a member of their family?

A shelter organization like PAWS Chicago works hard with abused and forgotten animals, but there is only so much time. What the dogs need are patience and understanding from a potential family member.

If you are looking for a good dog that simply needs a break, look no further than the dogs at PAWS Chicago. The dogs need a home, PAWS Chicago wants to help more animals find their loving home, won’t you please consider taking in a dog that has been left behind?

If you would be interested in learning about any of the animals up for adoption, please contact the Adoption Center at PAWS Chicago by phoning 773-935-7297 or going to their website

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