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Why cats play with water in bowl

Splish, splash, I'm not taking a bath
Karla Kirby

Many cat owners have observed their cat playing with the water in their bowl from tome to time and wonder why kitty would do this. Aren’t cat supposed to disdain water?

Splashing, pawing at, playing with or even jumping into in a water dish is not as unusual for as you may suppose; in fact it is quite common.

Although the conservative wisdom might dictate otherwise, some cats indeed do love water –– as long as it’s not squirted at them, or they are dunked into it as in the case of a bath. Some felines regard water a fun toy, particularly shallow water. They seem to adore its reflective surface and the amazing way it splashes about when they bat at it.

On the other hand, most look upon water as less of a plaything than as a bowl best served very fresh. To some felines that means moving water is more desirable than the stale kind that sits still in a dish for hour upon hour. So it is that some cats have a fancy to drink aerated water directly from the tap, a fountain or yes, even the toilet.

Felines who splash their water before drinking may, in fact, may be attempting to attain a parallel effect of freshness. If you cat engages in this mysteriously cute behavior, consider getting him/her one of those recalculating water fountains made especially for cats. These wonderful creations will be well used ad worth every single cent spent. . If it won’t fit into your budget, at least change the water bowl twice a day. After all, would you want stale old water that’s been stagnating in your glass all day?

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