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Why Catholics are Against Abortion

Has the debate over abortion turned into a game of wits? Are people now being challenged to discern which side of the controversy has the best slogan? On a global basis, with Europe now seeing more and more pro-life advocates than ever before, is the controversy about to be taken seriously or decided by the team with the best rhetorical advantage?
A recent wave of new pro-abortion slogans has hit the bumper-sticker brigade with the most provocative maxim sporting a consumeristic rationale: AGAINST ABORTION? DON’T HAVE ONE!
If this punter mentality is to be taken seriously, the parallel rationales should include all manners of social issues:
Against porn? Don’t look at it!
Against gang violence? Don’t participate!
Against child abuse? Don’t hurt your kids!
The list can go on…
The premise of this inverted logic condones any action for which the individual is allowed to decide for himself/herself what is appropriate without taking the bigger picture into consideration, and it does nothing to remedy the effects of these actions. The bottom line is that if one is against an immoral action, one is free not to participate in this behavior and let those who are in favor of these activities continue to do so. Sounds like the nirvana of liberalism. And with that rationale in mind the governing principle includes: Against truth? Don’t listen!
The truth of the matter is that women do terminate their pregnancies; men, women, and even children avail themselves of pornography; young people whose need for families has failed them join gangs; the cycle of child abuse continues; people become addicted to drugs and alcohol; domestic violence is growing; school violence and bullying has reached unprecedented levels; human trafficking continues; and the list goes on… The philosophy that if you’re against something, don’t do it, does nothing to solve the problems created by the people who do such things and the kind of world it creates for everyone.
The Catholic Church was founded on the way, the truth, and the life of Jesus Christ. When he devoted his ministry to preaching about the Kingdom of Heaven he did not envision a world of crime, hatred, violence, killing the unborn, sexual depravity, or harming the little ones as the prototype. Christ was born into such a world – to change it. He showed us the way to a better world, one where love is the guiding principle. Abortion is not a loving action – it’s not a nice thing to do to someone. The exploitation of the human body and sexuality has nothing to do with love. Violence, murder, cruelty, brutality are not expressions of love. Christ showed us the way to love – to do no harm, to show compassion, to repent and to forgive. There is a better worldview than that proposed by extremist liberal ideology. The Kingdom of Heaven of which Christ spoke is the bigger picture. Catholics are against abortion, as well as many social ills, not because we wish to curtail human choice but to invite humanity to live in a world that is free from crime, hatred, cruelty, and ending a life before it has a chance to see a better world.
In a better world, abortion is not galvanized as the best choice for women who must deal with an unwanted pregnancy. Catholics work to provide better choices for women and their children. Catholics strive to promote family as the holy and center core of a better culture. Catholics are commissioned to bring the love of Christ to the world in which we live and to build God’s Kingdom on earth. The teachings of the Catholic Church are focused on the gospel of Jesus Christ, the one who was sent by God to lead us to salvation, and to oppose, to go against the harmful vices of this world. If you’re not against the truth – start listening!

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