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Why Catholic women need to say 'no' to Hillary in 2016

Say no to Hillary!
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Hillary Clinton is certainly an enticing candidate for women in 2016.

Like Barack Obama, Hillary represents a segment of the population seeking to make history. In Barack Obama, the African-American population saw a symbol of their successful upward struggle realized. Likewise, Hillary represents the same for American women.

But to every shiny coin, there is a flip side with a dark shadow.

Hillary Clinton is no friend of the Catholic-Christian culture of Life. She is, rather, the friend of the culture of death as the figure head of the Democratic party. With Barack Obama's Presidency crashing and burning in failure, Hillary is the new hope of the Political Party wed to Planned Parenthood and life killing biotechnology.

Hillary is also the figure head of the political party at loggerheads with the Catholic Church. Hillary spearheads tax funded contraception. Hillary champions gay marriage. Hillary seeks to reenforce a bloated federal government, addicting illegal immigrants to the smack of entitlements for votes. Hillary lies for the Democratic donkey (Benghazi), covers for the incompetency of the Socialist in Chief (as Secretary of State), and campaigns on motherhood killing 'women's reproductive rights.'

In 2016, Catholic-Christian women need to imitate great Catholic saints like St Catherine of Sienna, and send a bold message to Washington. They must shout 'We will not be bought through contraception and abortion. We are women of the Cross! We serve only Jesus Christ.'

Only then will America regain its female integrity, and remain the Mother of Hope, as the champion of Truth and True freedom.