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Why career fairs are important for everyone

Career fairs are no longer just for the unemployed or people searching for jobs.  Career fairs are important for everyone to attend because they are a great way to network with local professionals, find ways to become more involved in your community, and to keep your options open.

Networking with other business professionals will allow you the opportunity to build your credentials, develop your career, and find a mentor within your community.  Developing your career is not just about what you know, but it is also about who you know.  Close connections within your community may jump start your professional development and help you reach your career goals faster. 

While your networking is very important in order to grow and develop, it is also important you find ways to get involved in your community.  The recent career fair at Rasmussen College had several local charities and non-profit organizations looking for more volunteers.  The Mankato YMCA is always in need of volunteers for the Brother/Sister program, and they have a number of other volunteer opportunities available for working adults and college students.  A couple other charitable organizations at the career fair were The Theresa House and VINE - Faith in Action

Career fairs may also open doors and help you find a career within a professional organization you may not think to look.  You may find a company, which does not utilize online job searches, is looking to fill a position for which you are qualified.  The recent Rasmussen College career fair was a general event with many local companies from many different professional backgrounds.   Your attendance at a career fair gives a face to your resume and provides an opportunity for you to keep your options open, especially in such a volatile job market and economy. 

No matter what your current career status may be, it is important for everyone to attend career fairs so you may network, get more involved in your community, and keep your options open.


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