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It is time to stop and think about it
It is time to stop and think about it

I’ve traveled as far west as Seattle; as far east as Cancun; I have yet to find a city to surpass my home town of San Diego, California. I’ve mingled amongst Mexicans; Parisians; Iraqis; Mayans; New Yorkers; I have yet to find folks any better than my neighbors from San Diego.

Where's the money for their future going to come from?
Sarah Gonzalez

Over the weekend, NPR played a piece from Indian peace pilgrims who walked from India to the USA to India and along the way they collected one tea bag for each of the nation’s power houses. They made their pilgrimage successfully and gave tea bags to Russia, the United States, and other national leaders who were part of the world’s continuance of fear about nuclear war and annihilation.

As this message played, I was moved to understand that thoughts could be so moving. Here a group of pilgrims quietly moved into a road to all points of the maps in their head and the mission in their hearts and by the time their quest was just barely begun, their message had gone viral before there was an internet to populate and grow a viral movement upon.

This caused thought to migrate to my forefront and wonder where the current road maps will lead us all. Other thoughts come like who’s reading our road maps today? Who is suggesting our next mission?

As I look for “What’s Trending” for the purpose of a good story to publish on’s fine platform, there is talk of raising minimum wages; harvesting children from other countries; changing focus there is a list of: what’s doing in San Diego this weekend; Who is winning the OTL tourney; What score did the Padres lose by yesterday; When will the Padres start hitting to complement their prowess in the other departments;

It seems to boil down to how much money can we spend and how will we go about raising that much money... Trouble is, even though money is only worth what the next sucker is willing to pay for it, we are just plain squandering the money that we do have and when I look to my children’s futures the question of where will that money come from that they will need and why do we all seem to feel we must spend more and more just because we can?

So I guess we will soon be paying those who choose to make a career flipping burgers $25,000.00 per year... I know it is okay because once they are used to it, they will need that much more money because by then burgers will cost us all $5.10 for the same burger that did cost us $3.99 back in 2014. In a similar vein I say bring all the world’s suffering into this great land of ours because we’ll take care of them all and why not? It’s only a few more bucks to present them with a solution. We can do that can’t we?

No we can not because the world is beginning to question who the King’s tailor really is already.

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