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Why car sharing is the secret ingredient to saving money in Sept. in Boise

Intro: Car sharing is just about the coolest, most economical thing I've ever come across. It's also a great money-saving tool when you're traveling. And right now, if you live in Boise, you'll want to hitch a ride with Enterprise car share for some extra savings. Instead of normally costing almost $10 an hour to rent one of the two cars on Boise State's campus, it's HALF off! Here are some tricks to save money this month if you're visiting Boise and need a car for just a few hours.

Why car sharing is the secret ingredient to saving money in Sept. in Boise
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What is Car Share?

Car shares are the best way to have access to a car without actually owning one. Or in the case of the traveler, renting one for a week when you only need a car for the day.

Basically, car shares are short term car leases -- you can rent a car for an hour, a couple of hours at a time or all day, although that's less economical.

In Boise, Enterprise has a car share program at Boise State. There are two cars, one near the Student Union Building and one near the Morrison Center.

How to Sign Up for Local Car Shares in Boise

You sign up online at

You send in a small fee, submit your driver's license information and wait for approval. Once you get approved, you'll be sent a membership card that allows you to access the cars all over the US. You simply reserve the car online for when you need it. To get into the car, you swipe the card across an electronic plate on the windshield to unlock the door. Once inside, the keys and a gas card are waiting for you in the glove box.

How This Helps You Save Money on Cars in Sept. of 2014

As I mentioned, the normal price for this short term car rental is nearly $10 per hour ($9.50ish most days). However, Enterprise is having a promotion for the month of Sept. Both cars on campus, a Kia Soul and Ford Focus cost only $5.00 to rent per hour. (The daily rate is nearly $70, so be sure to rent for just a couple of hours for the best deal.)

3 Tips for Making the Most of This Money-Saving Deal:

  1. If you know you'll be visiting Boise several times over the next couple of months and don't want to rent a car for the whole time, just reserve the car share now for the dates you want. The $5.00 price extends out past the end of Sept. if you rent the car this way.
  2. The other thing you can do is check back with the company. The woman I spoke to on the phone about Boise's cars confirmed for me that the company does run half-price specials like this often, saving you from the costs of car ownership while still allowing you to have access to a car.
  3. Finally, what I like about car share is that you don't pay for the upkeep. When you're on a budget, it's the best way that I know of to have access to a brand new car -- gas card and insurance included -- without owning the car yourself.

For more information, read about car sharing on Wikipedia.

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