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Why candidates rise and fall in polls

There is a simple answer to why candidates rise and fall in election polls, the media. Media makes Presidents. Media makes any politician and therefore media also breaks politicians. The media picks and chooses which candidates will fall and when. If you pay close attention and if you can bear to watch another news network other than the one you are used to, you will see that they all have the exact same talking points. Conan O'brian once pointed this out perfectly on his show when the media was talking about him “pushing the envelope.

So who is pulling the strings of these puppets? This video best describes the monopoly a few corporations have on the major media market. The media manipulates their viewers into thinking a certain way. They manipulate viewers to vote a certain way. They create the illusion of right vs. left, the illusion of black vs. white, and they create boogiemen a half a world away. Viewers are usually so busy in their personal lives they don’t have time to research things so they count on the media to tell them the truth. What would happen if the viewers ever found out they were not getting the truth?

As a journalist knowing these things and seeing what has been going on in last year and this year’s primary elections, I have decided to debunk the media spin on candidate Ron Paul because he has no baggage unlike the other candidates, yet the media has managed to get away with lying and spinning his positions. It isn’t fair to the Congressman and it isn’t fair to you the reader. I’m sure you have seen your rights taken away one by one and I’m quite certain you are as tired of it as I am.

Last year the media went as far as to change the Congressman’s voice to a higher pitch when he spoke. They made fun of him so you would laugh along with them never knowing he was right until everything he said came to pass. If you didn’t notice shortly after the election in 2008 every media outlet had him on asking his advice because he was right. Maybe you weren’t paying attention.

The media shook Ron Paul off saying computer hackers were rigging the polls when Ron Paul won very convincingly in all of them. They even got you to vote for John McCain and you didn’t want to do it. Every single Republican friend I talked to said they didn’t like John McCain. Rush Limbaugh didn’t like him, Anne Coulter, and even Glenn Beck but the media got you to hold your nose and vote for him. You fell for it. You didn’t notice at all that Mitt Romney was going to beat McCain until he mysteriously dropped out. (no one ever asked why) but even then you didn’t like Romney. All you knew is that Ron Paul was crazy. Just like Ross Perot who said “That giant sucking sound you hear will be your jobs leaving the country.” You didn’t listen then, why would you listen now?

The truth is these major media outlets with the exception of FOX really don’t have any viewers any more. They have been propped up with bailout money, your tax money. People have found their way to the internet and Ron Paul really does have support. That’s why they can no longer dismiss him. They have to do everything in their power to discredit him even if it means lying. Take some time out of your busy day to research and make informed decisions. I know it’s a lot to ask but you will find that there is a whole big world out there. You will find that it’s not left vs. right, it’s not black vs. white. It’s your sovereignty vs. world government and control.


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