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Why Can't I Lose Weight? 6 Possible Reasons

Possible Reasons of Weight Gain
Possible Reasons of Weight Gain

Most people battle with their weight their entire lives, because the struggle to lose weight is a difficult one. If you have ever asked yourself, Why Can’t I lose weight?, then you have tried different avenues to try to lose your extra pounds, but nothing has worked. There are several factors that attributes to people’s inability to lose weight. Here are six possible reasons you cannot lose weight.

You’re tired

When you are tired, your metabolism rate is low. If you have a low resting metabolism rate, your body does not burn that many calories while maintaining your body at rest. If your body has a high metabolic efficiency, you can exercise as long as you want, but you will not burn that many calories.

You’re Stressed

Stress can help you gain weight by triggering your to produce cortisol. Cortisol is a chemical in the brain that initiates our fight or flight response. It is also an appetite stimulant. When you get stressed, you will start to crave carbohydrates because of the increase in cortisol.

Even when you do not give into your food cravings, stress can prevent you from losing weight. Cortisol slows down your metabolism. Stress also affects your body by causing your body to store fat in your abdominal area. Abdominal fat can be hard to lose.

You can prevent stress from blocking your weight loss through exercise and a balanced diet. Exercise reduces stress and a balanced, nutritious meal will repair any damage done by stress.

You’re Dehydrated

Water is one of the most important elements of any diet. Not only is it vital to life, water is a great tool to use for weight loss. It is a zero calorie drink that suppresses your appetite. If you drink a cup of water thirty minutes before a meal, you are less likely to overeat.

How does dehydration affect your weight?

Your kidneys become dysfunctional when you are dehydrated. Dysfunctional kidneys result in your liver doing double duty. With your liver overextended, it does not properly burn off fat. As a result, more fat is stored.

If you add a lot fiber to your diet, you are at risk of becoming dehydrated and constipated. Drink plenty of water with your fiber. You should add about 16 ounces of water to your daily diet if you consume a lot of fiber.

You’re controlled by Hormones

It is unfortunate, but women have a harder time losing weight because of their hormones. Conditions such as PMS, irregular menstrual cycles and menopause can make a woman feel fatigue because of the hormonal imbalance. This hormonal imbalance can make you feel depressed or anxious. Ask your doctor about how to help get your hormones balanced.

Note: Hormonal imbalances can also be caused by hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome and insulin resistance.

You’re hitting the menopause

Menopause causes a hormonal imbalance and makes it hard to lose weight. Your body is unable to efficiently use the calories that you consume. This causes you to gain weight in your abdominal instead of your arm, legs and hips.

When you hit menopause, you can help decrease your chances of gaining weight by decreasing your daily calorie intake by 200. Aerobic exercises such as cycling, dancing and walking are also great ways to take off the extra weight when you are going through menopause.

You have an underactive thyroid

A thyroid’s job is to secrete hormones that regulate your body’s metabolism rate. An underactive thyroid means that your metabolism rate is not regulated. This can result in weight gain and a difficulty losing weight. Only your doctor can help you with an underactive thyroid. This problem is solved by replacing hormones. Once the deficient thyroid hormone is replaced, you are able to lose weight.

These are just a few of the reasons why you cannot lose weight. If any of these reasons apply to you, find ways to counteract their effect on your weight. Find ways to energize yourself if you are tired. If you are stressed, exercise, meditate or do yoga. You can carry around stress balls to relieve the stress. There are ways to deal with stress in a positive way that does not involve eating. Drink plenty of water. Go see your doctor if you feel that your weight is related to any problem with your hormones.