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Why can't I find some comfortable shoes?

Shoes like this messed up my feet
Shoes like this messed up my feet

I don’t know about you, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve had to resort to wearing “comfortable” shoes. I don’t mind them, as they feel great, but sometimes they look a bit clunky, sort of like having horse hoofs on the ends of your feet. I’ve seen several pairs that even use Velcro instead of laces for those whose arthritis has come marching in. I’m not there… yet.

You’d think if we’re able to do stem cell research that we could come up with good-looking shoes that are comfortable.

I think all those “pretty” shoes I wore in the ‘80s and ‘90s contributed to my foot problems as I got older. I’m blessed with my mother’s hammertoes and bunions, so that’s not a great way to start, but the high heels I wore certainly didn’t help. Cramming your feet into tiny arrows, with spikes sticking out at end of them isn’t natural.

I’m sure men invented high heels, but you never see them wearing them, unless you visit West Hollywood or New Orleans.

Lately, I’ve been wearing tennis shoes most of the time, which is kind of like having pillows on the bottom of your feet. I’m trying to find a pair of loafers that feel as good as tennis shoes, but I’m shooting blanks these days. A girl just wants to have fun. Why can’t we be comfortable too?

Thankfully, Ellen seems to have made tennis shoes popular again. I see her wearing them with all types of outfits. She doesn’t wear dresses, but I’ll bet if she did, the style geeks would find a way to incorporate tennis shoes into expensive evening attire.

Until then, if you find some loafers that fit the bill, send them my way. I wear a size 10.

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