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Why can't every day be like Valentine's Day

Valentine's day
Valentine's day
Photo by Lucid Nightmare @flicker/creative commons

Now that the glitter and ribbons of Valentine’s Day is gone and you can still buy the Valentine candies, but for half price, lets look at this very special day. Have you ever wondered why every day can’t be like Valentine’s Day? Do you ever wonder, why not?

Little tokens of love written on slips of paper that he can find and smile about when he is reading them. Flowers picked just for her – wildflowers, maybe roses once in a while, mostly daisies…

Little things you do to show your partner how much you care. Little things that remind you of why you fell in love with them in the first place. Those sudden glances that don’t let go. The tender warmth of being snuggled into your partner’s arms. The quietness between you that speaks a thousand words of love without a sound.

The friendship that you share, that can never be broken. The hands that you hold. The feeling of being safe and protected. The feeling of being loved. There could be no better feeling, so why can’t every day be like Valentine’s Day?

Who’s to say you have to go through all the glitter and ribbons for every day to be like Valentine’s Day. Just never forget, even on your busiest of days to take a little time out for each other. Even if it is just a glance and a smile. It will always make the day sweeter.

Smile a lot. Smile a lot together. Don’t let that ever stop. Are you still wondering why every day can’t be like Valentine’s Day? Wonder no more. It can. Remember to stay sweet on each other and never take each other for granted. Do the little things, just because they catch her off-guard and you love the genuine smile, as she’s thinking, “ He is just so sweet. Make his favorite dinner “just because” and have it waiting for him when he arrives home for work. He can’t help know that you’ve been thinking of him today.

Laugh together. Good deep felt laughter brings you closer and warms fond memories that you’ll look back on again and again and laugh all over again. Laughter really is “good medicine”. Be valentines.

You’ll soon see that every day can be like Valentine’s Day. Oh, and go ahead and eat the half off chocolate candies, they only come once a year.

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