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Why Businesses Should Consider Bing & Yahoo for Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Bing PPC test example
Bing PPC test example
Market Domination Media

Pay-per-click marketing is a great way to kick off a new marketing campaign, as it offers the ability to immediately send targeted website traffic. PPC marketing can be used to test websites and conversion rates or to generate traffic and revenue while other marketing strategies are being developed and rolled out.

Many businesses exclusively use paid search marketing and do not rely on search engine optimization to attract website visitors. Competitive industries will often find that it makes more financial sense to create a successful PPC campaign instead of SEO. The majority of pay-per-click campaigns use Google's AdWords platform, which is a great PPC network, but there is a lot to be gained by incorporating Yahoo and Bing into the PPC marketing as well. At Market Domination Media, we use Bing and Yahoo to test ad copy and conversion rates and then roll them into our clients AdWords campaigns.

This image attached to this article was a very quick test that was run for a few hours the other week. The total spend was less than $17 in total. The keywords were very competitive financial terms that cost more per click on AdWords than the total spend for this small test. The business usually pays between $16 and $22 per click for these identical keywords on AdWords depending on the position of the ad. The cost-per-click bid was set at a quarter to see what would come of this. As you can see from the screen shoot, one keyword had a decent 7/10 quality score and the other was a 2/10, and both averaged an ad position of about 5.

There were a lot of impressions, a poor click-through-rate, but a very low 15 cent and 11 cent average CPC. This little test resulted in two conversions. These were not email submits or contact form submits. These are sales registered after the payment was made, and these conversions were worth about $150 monthly for 12 months to this client. That is $3,600 in revenue from a $17 test. Now the ads and website can be further optimized, and tested to achieve a higher ad position, click-through-rate, and more conversions.

There is search volume available on Bing and Yahoo. Use the same raw data in terms of impressions above and imagine a better click-through-rate. Common sense tells you that it would lead to more conversions.

There is a lot of opportunity using Bing and Yahoo for pay-per-click, including the chance to test ads and websites on a smaller less expensive scale.

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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