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Why Brock Lesnar is best for business

This Sunday, WWE will present the annual Summerslam Pay-Per-View live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. WWE has announced eight matches, but none are as important as the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between the stalwart John Cena and the former Undisputed WWE Champion, former UFC Heavyweight Champion, the 1 in 21 and 1, Brock Lesnar.

Will Brock Lesnar win the WWE World Heavyweight title at Summerslam?
Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

WWE has pulled out all the stops promoting the match with superb video packages. It has long been said among fans that WWE has some of the best video production in the sports world and entertainment. WWE has built this match up with those video packages because WWE has had limited availability from both stars as they headed into the Pay-Per-View.

It has been because of this odd buildup to the main event of that many have been sold on the idea that Brock Lesnar could make it as a part time champion defending the championship on a limited basis. Most fans believe Lesnar will win the title match. Where the debate goes from there ranges to Lesnar losing the title in his first title defense at next month's Night of Champions or holding the title until WrestleMania XXXI.

The best course of business is for Lesnar to win the title this Sunday night and to hold the title until WrestleMania. Lesnar was misused upon his return to WWE in 2012. He was immediately thrust into a feud with John Cena and lost their match at Extreme Rules. Later on, he was involved in a murky storyline arc with Triple H where he lost at WrestleMania XXIX; yet he picked up the win later on in the feud.

It was not until a feud with CM Punk did WWE finally book Lesnar as a viable threat. Of course, WWE has used Lesnar's defeat of the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX this past spring. Lesnar is now seen, as his manager Paul Heyman has said, a Conqueror. For WWE to build him up as strongly as they have only for him to have a meaningless one month reign would be a major disappointment (though stranger things have happened).

Brock Lesnar winning the title and holding it for the six or so months until WrestleMania XXXI. While holding the title he can be built up as a true dominating beast destroying everyone in his way. That way, once the eventual contender arises by winning the Royal Rumble, beating Brock at WrestleMania would be a tremondous accomplishment in every way. It lends credibility to whoever beats Lesnar whether it's the assumed Roman Reigns or someone else who rises to the top.

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