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"Why Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day"

"Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day"

By Joe Breen C.F.T. and Leo Costa Jr.

We don't always listen to the things our mothers tell us, but one of the many things mom was right about over the years was the importance of a good breakfast. As we always say there are three successful components to fitness success/ They are weight training, cardio, and nutrition if you leave any one element out, you are depriving yourself of the results you can ultimately receive. There are may reasons breakfast is important. The first is when you wake up your body is in a fasting state. The body always needs to pull energy from somewhere. If you don't feed the body calories, it will pull what it needs for energy from muscle tissue. This is bad because this will slow down your metabolism, and actually make you store more bodyfat.

Whatever your fitness goals are, you always want to preserve lean muscle tissue. Also by priming your body with fuel early in the morning, you are more likely to keep the weight off. A study done by the national weight control registry showed that people who eat breakfast went on to make more healthier balanced choices throughout the day. Another reason eating breakfast is important is when you take in calories earlier in the day, your body uses them more efficiently and you don't tend to eat huge amounts at other servings, thus helping speed up your metabolism. Also if you exercise this will help add fuel to your workouts. Think about if we fuel our cars, shouldn't we fuel our bodies. So listen to your mother's advice and eat a healthy well balanced breakfast. For more advice on quick, simple, nutritious, and delicious breakfast ideas watch this video and go to our website Until next time keep shooting for your goals.

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