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Why Boston needs Flaherty and Yoon

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Flaherty/Yoon logo

Boston ranks as a unique city. Known as the "Cradle of Modern America", we, Bostonians, watch as millions come each year to visit the city in which the Boston Tea Party and the Battle of Bunker Hill took place. Boston is equally an intellectual mecca, receiving and attracting the sharpest minds from around the world. Indeed, our universities, hospitals, and research centers are consistently classed as being amongst the very finest in the world. So, Boston has the necessary resources to enable it to be a city to which others look for guidance and inspiration.

But, without the right leadership, the rich history and enviable resources count for naught. The current state of the city under the 16-year reign of King Menino bears this truth out. A stroll through the downtown area reveals empty storefronts. A number of our youth are not receiving a quality education. Consequently, they cannot enjoy a place at many of our prestigious institutions of higher education. But, in addition to some of our youth, many adults are not able to take advantage of all that Boston has to offer. They have found that their professional success depends squarely upon knowing the right people rather than hard work and a strong education. Finally, if the lack of opportunity does not manage to frustrate some people, the lack of affordability will. The increasingly high cost of living has actually forced a rising number of people to leave the city.

What then is the solution to the aforementioned problems (as well as others)? The answer is simple in its concept, yet difficult in its execution: reject complacency, and embrace bold, new leadership. Today, all of us need to get to the polls and cast our vote for Michael Flaherty for Mayor. With Sam Yoon, Flaherty will encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in Boston, understanding that business, particularly small business, is the key to a robust economy. Additionally, they will work to ensure that every child in Boston has access to a solid education, knowing that our youth will carry us into the future. More opportunities will exist for those that seek it; affordability will become reality as opposed to wishful thinking.

Thomas Menino has had 16 years as mayor. During that time, innovation has become a dirty word; progress has become an outlandish notion. It is time to demand better for Boston, thereby honoring the history as well as acknowledging the resources of this city. It is time to vote for the leadership and vision of Flaherty and Yoon.