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Why Bon Iver's Cincinnati performance is a must see

The origins of Bon Iver are a well- documented success story these days, telling the tale of Justin Vernon’s triumph over both illness and the darkest time of his life. The winter of 2007 marked the turning point for both Justin Vernon and Indie Music. After spending the 3 months isolated in his father’s Eau Claire, Wisconsin cabin, Justin would emerge with the tracks to For Emma, Forever Ago. Released under the name Bon Iver, next would come the record deal, a key to the city, a touring band, duets with St. Vincent, and praise for one of the best albums of the decade. The release would become empirical proof that no Indie artist was too far off the radar to become popular. As long as quality music finds it’s way to the internet, people will share it, become fans, and find shows. Luckily for Bon Iver fans, he is bringing that show to Cincinnati.
The 2010 Music Now Festival will feature Joanna Newsom, St. Vincent, yMusic, along with Justin Vernon. In this case, Justin Vernon is shedding the band and playing a rare solo show. In fact Cincinnati is the only show booked for Justin Vernon or his band so far in 2010. This truly is a special occasion to watch a brilliant artist, who performs on a limited basis, give a stripped down all inclusive performance. In shows such as these, Justin Vernon tends to rely more on audience participation. If that is not reason alone, the possibilities of duets with avant-garde rocker St. Vincent (who is performing the night before) is worth the mere $20 ticket. No doubt the two will have a crossover performance at some point during the festival. Justin Vernon aside, all three nights of the festival are well worth your attendance. For more information and ticket prices go to

My beard is itchy....

Tuesday March 30th- Joanna Newsom
Wednesday March 31st- St. Vincent, yMusic
Thursday April 1st- Justin Vernon


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