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Why Benjamin Franklin made it to the history books

Benjamin Franklin is a familiar name tossed around in history class, but why Benjamin Franklin made it to the history books makes history buffs look back with a bit of awe at all one man accomplished in his lifetime.

Benjamin Franklin quotes made history
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On January 17, 1706, Benjamin Franklin was born. He grew into a well-known public figure whose inventions, discoveries and ideas have lived on.

He, of course, is well known for his discoveries about electricity. One other way his life continues to impact people today is through his numerous quotes. Find a list of many of his famous quotes at

Besides his quotes that he became famous for, how is remembered and taught about Benjamin Franklin? For instance, where was he was born? What was his birth order rank? Was he a firstborn or youngest? What part did he played in the current United States library system? knows the answer.

A Quick Biography reveals that he was born in Boston, and was the tenth child to be born in his family. Though, he was far from being the youngest member for long, as his parents went on to bring a total of 17 children into the world.

He is known to be a scientist, inventor, statesman, printer, musician, philosopher, and an economist. Find out more answers to frequently asked questions about Benjamin Franklin, from the Franklin Instutute. Among a host of information on this site includes information about how Ben Franklin invented swim fins, the Franklin stove, and bi-focals; but, not everyone knows he also invented a catheter.

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