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Why (Beer) App Badges Are Bad

Are beer app badges good?
Are beer app badges good?


  • The Girl 5 years ago

    I see your point, but being a beer lover and a gamer I'm a fan of badges. There is nothing wrong with virtual trophies, they are what you make them, and for me it's a new beer game.

    As for cheaters, in most games cheaters quickly lose interest and quit playing, I can't imagine this being any different. Besides since it's an infinite virtual award and we don't play against each other, we don't suffer because people lie.

    How ever I'd like to see a taster option on the app, that is exempt from the 15 minute rule. :)

  • A.J. (@wortandyeast) 5 years ago

    This is an interesting argument. In the case of Untappd, I frown at users who may be falsely claiming check-ins in order to earn badges. In agreement with "A Girl & Her Beer" though, I don't feel that these users will continue to exploit the system for long. And if they do, what of it? I have no interest in earning a badge dishonestly, and I don't believe any of my friends on the app do either (personally, I don't let badge criteria determine my behavior at all, but rather earn a badge of I happen to based on whatever I'd do regardless). As there are currently no real rewards, other than having a nice little tweet, I don't see that the app rewards dishonest behavior. The "honor system" may become an issue if check-ins are used in contests, however.

    In such contests, or other marketing and promotional applications in connection with mobile apps, the most successful ones avoid awarding dishonesty anyway. Rather than rewarding mayorship or badges, the most successful promotions involve providing an incentive to patrons each time they check in, while they're there. This reaches more customers than rewarding mayorship (which may be out of the reach of many) and provides an immediate reward, rather than one that could provide an incentive to someone who falsely accumulates check-ins..

  • A.J. (@wortandyeast) 5 years ago

    As these apps and social media evolve, new ways to monitor behavior may become necessary. Just as some customers currently use coupons to exploit promotions and create an almost profitless relationship with retailers, some may eventually find ways to do this with these apps. It will be interesting to see, as this happens, the analytical tools that will develop to focus business on truly profitable and beneficial patrons.

  • WC 5 years ago

    1. I use Untappd, I am not an alcoholic or drunk driver

    2. Untappd will not make me an alcoholic or drunk driver

    3. Who cares if people "cheat"? I use the app for me.

    4. If your life is so sad you need to "cheat" to get badges then I feel sorry for you.

    5. It doesn't matter what you think about what qualifies as a "proper serving", you didn't create and probably don't use the app.

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