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Why become a foster parent?

Big boy bike rider!
Big boy bike rider!
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Become a foster parent because you care.

Children in foster care have lived lives that most adults cannot imagine. Individuals dealing directly with the children in the system often forget that these are actually little people with needs and feelings. These children have been taken from everything they know, and lost everything they own. When children are new to foster care they are often desperately mourning the loss of their family and loved ones despite the abuse they suffered.

If you have room in your heart to meet the needs of children in your community, and you are strong enough to deal with the system, and let go when these children have to go home, then you need to become a foster parent. 

Many individuals who become foster parents go in with their eyes filled with love but soon realize that love isn't enough. You have to be strong, be able to deal with huge behavior issues and still be a loving and forgiving parent.

It's a hard job and only those who are strong and have an open heart can do it. Visit the Idaho State Foster Care web site, or email me for more info.


  • FosterMom30 5 years ago

    I am a single foster Mom and I am so excited to read your articles!! You seem so honest and forthcoming about it. I completely agree with your comment of "love is not enough". How true that is. I have experienced that first hand. How did you first decide to foster?

  • Tammy Wightman 5 years ago

    Hello and thank you FosterMom30. I will do my best to continue to provide honest and informative articles! I first decided to become a foster parent because I wanted to find a way to give back to my community! I cannot think of a better way to support my community than helping the children in it!

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