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Why Barbie never made it to New York Fashion Week

From her upcoming appearance in the 50th Anniversary Sports Ilustrated Swimsuit Issue to walking the runway at the International Toy Fair, Barbie has been making fashion headlines worldwide in 2014. But why has it taken Mattel's 'it girl' so long to steal the spotlight from the world's most iconic fashion models? These are some of the excuses Barbie has likely heard from fashion modeling experts on her long journey to supermodel stardom.

Barbie walks the runway at the International Toy Fair in Germany
Photo by Joerg Koch/Getty Images

Her look is too commercial.

Barbie's blonde hair, blue eyes, and static smile have likely prevented her from being accepted into the editorial side of the fashion industry.

She lives an excessive lifestyle.

Between her private jet, RV, and several cars including a convertible Corvette and souped-up Mustang, Barbie could be perceived as a spoiled rich girl who does not need the work as a fashion model.

Her figure is too curvy.

With measurements equal to life-sized proportions of 36-16-33, Barbie's dress size would equal a misses 6-8, much larger than the average New York Fashion Week model's 2-4 size range.

She spends too much time with her boyfriend.

Barbie and Ken have been publicly inseparable, and a co-dependent relationship like that would likely hinder her decisions to travel to Paris and Milan, a basic requirement for all new fashion models.

She needs a shorter haircut.

With her long blonde mane, Barbie's equivalent of a hip-length style is well beyond the acceptable 'working length' haircut for fashion models.

Her friends are bringing her down.

In addition to spending most of her time with Ken, Barbie has also been spotted with the likes of Skipper, who clearly runs with an older crowd and could cause Barbie trouble in her private life.

There are thousands of others just like her, literally.

Unfortunately, when they made Barbie they did not break the mold, and there are thousands upon thousands of fresh faces out there virtually identical to hers, making her more of a cookie-cutter model type than a potential standout.

She is not dedicated enough.

The bottom line, when you add together Barbie's physical shortcomings and personal drama, the reason she has never made it to the runways of New York Fashion Week comes down to her lack of dedication to the dream of becoming an iconic fashion model. However, she undoubtedly will remain a star.

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