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Why Barack Obama's math equals simple American division

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The hope of the great uniter in the first bi-racial President has proven to be a major catastrophe.

Barack Obama, over and over again, has proven to be the wedge, driven between national unity. From beer summits to the unofficial adoption of Trayvon Martin, to speaking out on an uninvestigated tragedy in Missouri, Barack Obama has proven without a doubt that he is a President for some Americans, but not for others.

Upon further inquiry, Barack Obama is President for illegal aliens, but not for American citizens living on our southern border. He is President for Mexican refugees, some criminals, but not for a United States Marine imprisoned in Mexico for questionable charges. Barack Obama is President for looters and thugs in St. Louis, but he is not a voice of support for millions of persecuted Christians worldwide. He is a President for homosexual activists, marijuana advocates, and militant atheists, but disdains his role as the official enforcer of laws which protect our borders, allow our right to bear arms, and our right to religious freedom without governmental harassment.

All ideology and Political Correctness aside, Barack Obama is anti-Christian (HHS mandate, gay marriage, contraception), anti-Constitution (illegal aliens run amok, Executive orders run amok, etc.), and anti-American (his promotion of the Arab spring--and the subsequent rise of radical Islam).

We can't impeach him. God forbid someone cries racism! But we can neuter him come November.

The question is, are there enough Americans pro-Christian, pro-Constitution, and pro-American, with guts enough to oust the great divider, and his minions, from power?