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Why all athletes need to weight training

athlete lifting weights
athlete lifting weights
Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Athletes have been incorporating weight lifting as apart of their regular training. It used to be a misconception about the effects of weight training, that it will make you sluggish, and compromise your skill. This notion, many athletes still have shown to be successful in there sports by consistent weight training.

Today's top athletes supplement their training with weights. And as a result, they are stronger and faster. Weight training strengthens and tones the muscles, increases quicker muscle contractions, test physicals limits, and helps to accomplish extraordinary feats. In the result of using weights a athlete will develop better body mechanics, there balance and coordination will improve, as well as posture.

There are plenty of new resistance exercises that supposed to be more effective than free weights. To be able to build a stronger and faster body it's best to stick to the basics like free weights. It has been proven that some of the most powerful athletes stick to free weight exercises like squats and deadlifts to gain ultimate speed and strength. Athlete looking to enhance there athletic abilities, start weight training it can improve your game.