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Why AT&T insists on killing trees?!!

AT&T insists on killing trees!
AT&T insists on killing trees!
David Mortaz

It's been more than 3 weeks since we switched to AT&T Wireless after finding a promotion for Small Business. The port from our existing Wireless carriers to AT&T was not free of its challenges where we continued to have problems with the 3G Data access till few days ago.

But what was really shocking was the fact that AT&T Wireless is unable to allow us to choose Paperless Billing despite unless they bill us for more than 3 months ! Yes, AT&T Wireless is unable to offer us Paperless billing and our menu options to choose our billing options is still unavailable despite the fact that our account has been active for 3 week!

This is absurdly irresponsible for a giant company like AT&T to insist on this kind of inefficient business processes. Let me to explain:

  1. Huge Savings: If AT&T Wireless offered Paperless billing as the default choice for their business customers would save the company millions of dollars. Just the cost of stamps alone would be in millions. This is the responsible thing to do for the Shareholders as well.
  2. Convenience: Reviewing bills online is much simpler for most small businesses since they can easily be shared, tracked and audited.
  3. Responsible Corporate Citizenship: Killing trees just because a company has poor business processes in place is just not an acceptable excuse in 2014. There are tons of available option from Cloud based billing service that AT&T can contract to manage their billing online without any need to kill trees.
  4. Innovation: Adopting paperless billing or any new technology for that matter would offer AT&T Wireless a direct and immediate opportunity to create more intimacy with their business customers. After all, they now would be sending us a monthly email which could be utilized to market additional services. This is a gold mine that AT&T Wireless is missing by their resistance to innovation.
  5. Water Shortage: 65% of the US is suffering from sever water shortage and insisting on sending paper bills would seem rather irresponsible.

I spent more than an hour yesterday and contacted AT&T Premier Customer Support who also linked us to AT&T Small Business Support. Both support teams still insist that the company is unable to change our billing option to Paperless unless they have sent us 2-3 months (and that was an estimate) of paper bills!

According to Wikipedia AT&T has more than 109 million customers. Wouldn't be the right thing if AT&T offered Paperless billing as the default option!? Just imagine the amount of waste and destruction of our natural resource this would help prevent. That's why this morning I contacted AT&T Investor Relations to alarm them about this practice and I am hopeful they would take immediate action.

I welcome your comments.

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