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Why aren't ordinary Americans 'stakeholders' in the immigration debate?

When Amnesty-in-Chief Barack Obama meets with "stakeholders" to hear their thoughts on how to resolve our federally created immigration crisis, there is any empty chair at the table. All the other chairs are occupied by business leaders who belly up to the cheap foreign labor trough, religious/spiritual leaders who have betrayed millions of native-born Americans struggling to survive, and those who think enforcing laws created to protect American workers are inhumane.

But there is nobody at these stakeholder meetings invited to speak on behalf of the 20 million citizens who can't find full-time work and ask how adding 33 million foreign workers to our labor pool in just 10 years would affect the jobless.

How can Obama, who daily demonstrates that he has no respect for what his U.S. flag lapel pin represents, say with a straight face that what he supports is comprehensive immigration reform when it deliberately ignores 20 million Americans looking for work? Aren't we supposed to be a society that celebrates inclusiveness?

Nobody in or out of Congress, including the media, wants to address this aspect of what would be the eighth amnesty since 1986. Call your members of Congress and ask why, in their quest for political gain, they haven't explained to their constituents this abandonment of ordinary Americans.

One of the best ways to make your voices heard in Washington is to join - it costs nothing - the 2-million member NumbersUSA in Arlington, VA. In addition to keeping you current with all immigration legislation and tracking how members of Congress are voting on this public policy issue, it allows you to send free faxes from your computer to your representatives and senators.

Posting comments on sites like this and elsewhere in support of enforcing immigration laws is a worthless exercise unless they are followed up by phone calls or visits to the offices of those elected to represent you.

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