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Why aren’t Americans madder than hell this Memorial day?

Planting flags for fallen heroes
Planting flags for fallen heroes
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

This weekend marks the official beginning of summer. The opening of summer rentals, and the start of the vacation season. The official reason for the holiday is to mark the passing of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. Those that were asked to serve our country and never came back. Is the country they left to defend the same country we live in today? Have we casually thrown away the sacrifices they made from laziness or just apathy?

We prepare for the holiday in our over taxed homes lit with dangerous mercury light bulbs and toilets that need multiple flushes. As we shop for tradition hotdogs and hamburgers and all the fixings why aren’t we outraged about the climbing prices of food? At the same time our government is driving cattle farmers out of business. We travel on pothole filled highways and byways and fill up our autos with over priced gasoline. While the government looks for more excuses not to open up the flow of Canadian oil and tells us our conserving gas will force them to borrow to repair the roads. Why aren’t we outraged.

We sent our youth to preserve the union, fight the Hun, battle Japanese imperialism, Nazism and stop the spread of communism. We still send our youth to fight and die for us but for reasons less clear. Not all make it home. Those that do we have forced to take on another battle they never bargained for. They no must take on the forces of government bureaucracy just to have wounds received on our behalf taken care of. If this is how government healthcare takes care of its heroes what chance do we as common citizens have? In the near future will we be asked to donate to a wounded citizen campaign instead of wounded warriors? Will the only way to insure decent care is to get into the papers so our president can read about it and promise to fix the system he praised while assembling his own.

In the years of peace and prosperity our fathers paid for with their blood our government has become a bloated fortress against common sense. We have an education department that teaches no one. We have an IRS filled with employees that don’t pay their own taxes. A Justice Department that uses different standards of justice depending on race. We have a president in charge of it all but responsible for nothing. What isn’t the previous administrations fault is the founding fathers fault who didn’t give him the same powers as King George.

As we gather around friends and family to enjoy the holiday give a thought to those that paid the ultimate price for the freedom to do as you choose. If they were looking down on us would they like what they see? You might say what can one person do against the powerful government? Their reply would be nothing, but if each does his part the most powerful regimes will fall. It takes sacrifice and perseverance but it can be done. As a start we all should be madder than hell that our government has forgotten they work for us and we are citizens not subjects.