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Why are we so afraid of looking underneath our anger?

For the individual who walks the spiritual path the purpose is to seek out the truth of our existence. These nuggets of truth bubble up to the surface of consciousness through dissolving the infinite layers of ego armor which we all posses. This is done through the meditative process where we develop a greater sense of self awareness. A big part of that is by breaking away from patterns or ruts that we live our lives in.

To look then at the bigger picture of the world we are all in some very deep and serious ruts. We live our lives here and now by focusing on a long distant past. We are up to our necks in our religious beliefs, political beliefs, economic beliefs, social beliefs just to name the main ones. Somehow we continue to grow spiritually as individuals but as a whole we continue to fight the centuries old battles.

All of the anger in the world and it never seems to run out of style. Anger is the mask most of us where that covers up the opening of the well onto the spiritual path. We all walk the spiritual path whether we sense it or not. We all are learning lessons in our individual plights, but we still lack so much awareness as a whole.

Anger is the biggest addicting ingredient in a dualistic world. Most of the world’s problems boil down to who’s violence is stronger ours or theirs? Through anger we can point a finger of blame and responsibility at each other in such a powerful way that we can ignore the fact that everyone is responsible and not just the other guy.

But things are coming to a head, the lid is about to blow, big change is coming worldwide. It is time to strip away this thick layer of anger and dive into the bubbling currents of emotions that reside beneath our safety net of anger and finger pointing.

I know myself that what lives underneath my anger is a very scared sense of sadness and vulnerability. I go underneath my anger all the time. I battle sadness and the blues all the time. That is why if you know me I do not carry on the way I write here. I am a semi professional comedian and always love to laugh and to make others laugh. It is a passion. But the spiritual path, learning to know myself, is the only way I know to achieve a sense of accomplishment or a sense of salvation.

The state of the world makes me very sad, the fact that we refuse to find solutions to our problems and just continue to fight the same war from one generation to the next. The levels of unprecedented greed, of pettiness, of hatred, of bigotry are about to tear the world apart at the seams.

I personally expect more out of this world than what we currently show. We can grow beyond our current levels of dualistic living to something we cannot even begin to dream of. But we must take off the mask of anger and go beyond it to find out what the truth of our existence is first. It is a brave step, but a step the world must take in order to survive, grow and bring real meaning to this world.


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