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Why Are SEO Breadcrumbs Important for Websites?

Breadcrumbs for search engine optimization (SEO) are a very helpful way to keep users aware of what subcategory their results are connected to, and allow knowledgeable users a better pathway toward finding what they are looking for. However, there is still a balance between too much and not enough when it comes to breadcrumbs for searching a webpage.

If a user is knowledgeable about what they are looking for, basic breadcrumbs will help keep a user or shopper organized and happy with their online pathways. Since the world continues towards more personal and integrated technologies in consumers’ daily lives, the average consumer is becoming more and more aware of how computers, websites, search engines, etc. are used to navigate the seeming endless web of the internet. There is no user’s manual when beginning an online search for information or products, so using breadcrumbs keeps users free from getting lost in the endless tangles of websites which society browses on a daily basis. Hence, the term “breadcrumbs” as it refers to Hansel and Gretel leaving their breadcrumbs as they strolled along to find their way back home. SEO breadcrumbs do just that, show the user the pathway for which they have taken to reach their current destination.

When used properly breadcrumbs can help users go from a largely disordered and disorganized set of pages or items, down to exactly what they are looking for. Take for example a search which, if used without breadcrumbs could leave users sorting through pages and pages of results which are relevant to the key words they searched, but in no way helpful to what they hope to find; this is obviously not good for SEO in terms of user experience at all. If a user is hoping to find, for example, when searching for a wedding dress a bride may search for “wedding white.” This will leader her to soon lead her to a YouTube video of Billy Idol’s smash hit from 1982, “White Wedding.” And while this may be helpful when choosing a playlist for the big day, it will not be helpful in finding a dress. So this user will find breadcrumbs extremely helpful as he/she selects a subcategory such as Clothing/Accessories. This will remove any links related to the song “White Wedding” and leave the bride with a large list of relevant results.

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