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Why are preschool children suspended?

The most recent report issued by the US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights ( shows the population of the preschool children in the United States is composed of 18% African Americans, 43% White, and 54% boys.

Their percentages is not a subject of concern, but their suspension rates raise serious questions about the kind of preschool teachers available in the United States. 48% African Americans, 26%, and 82% boys 82% are suspended.

The failure of preschool teachers, school districts and schools to manage or keep preschool children in school will only raise more concern about teacher quality. Student suspension has serious negative effects that are difficult to correct for years.

There is nothing serious a preschool will learn by being suspended because it is unlikely they fully understand the impact of what they did. Preschool children suspensions depict the behaviors and quality of the preschool teachers and school administrators involved than the child's character.

Preschools are not mature enough to understand the consequences of their actions or behaviors. Other than teaching numbers, and letters, preschool teachers have the responsibility to teach these children social skills.

Unfortunately, there is evidence once these children are suspended from school, they do not receive quality support or education from the teacher when they comeback too preschool.

The suspensions support those who believe the quality of the classroom teachers in the United States schools is suspect. We need preschool teachers who learned child development and how to deal with immature children.

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