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Why are prerecorded drum tracks ok with a live rock show?

Drum Machines Have No Soul
Drum Machines Have No Soul

Well, there was a concert the other week...

So as not to publicly bash anyone, the act has been left nameless, as well as the venue, but let it be stated, it was a label artist on the rise, in a very well-known Minneapolis venue.

The act was promoting a recent record release on this tour, and consisted of a trio of two members on keys/synth and a guitarist.

And here is the problem: The drums were all prerecorded. Accordingly so, the whole vibe of the show lacked the presence and all-important-feel that only a live drummer can possess. The act's voice was strong and full of body and presence (somewhat like a younger Stevie Knicks). There was a lovely solo set in the middle of the night. This artist even brought back "Everybody wants to rule the world" for all the 80's children in the crowd, of which there were plenty. She (yes, "it" was a "she") commanded both the keyboard and her voice with gusto in a style this is definitely specific to herself. Ok, so there were too many ballads all in a row. People want to be happy and rock out. They don't want to cry for fifteen minutes at a time on a Thursday night. Cut the sad-y sad sad. But overall, the programming had potential... except for the fact that there were not only drum tracks, but background vocal tracks, certain produced guitar sounds, and effects that made it sound as close to the record as possible... but if we wanted to hear the record, we would just play the record. At home. For free. Play us some live music! Yes, its cheaper to tour without a drummer. But whatever happened to integrity?

It's sad that this happened. Who's to say if this was a musical judgement call made by said artist, or her label, but someone ought to be put in a corner with no dinner for a week. Shame on you, music industry professionals. Either bring a drummer, or bring an acoustic set and make good with that. But for the love of music, bring back the soul.