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Why are New Hampshire Democrats lying about the ‘Wage Gap’?

New Hampshire Democrats are lying about the wage gap
New Hampshire Democrats are lying about the wage gap

Hearings were held yesterday to discuss SB 207, the ‘Paycheck Fairness Act’ that is sitting in the Senate Commerce Committee. This bill was brought forth by Democrats to push ‘Equal Pay’ because they claim women in 2014 aren’t paid equally for the same job as men. The problem with this bill is they are basing it on studies that have been proven wrong over and over and over again. The studies they base their ‘women only earn 77 cents to a man’s 1 dollar’ lie on compares apples to oranges. These studies lump all jobs in together (engineers and doctors compared to teachers and chamber maids) rather than comparing men and women with the same experience in the same job. When you compare apples to apples women earn equal pay or more. Since the Democrats sponsoring this have been informed that these studies are not accurate, why are they continuing to push the same lie? Politics.

The Democrats in the New Hampshire Legislature are trying to push a bill based on lies for political gain only. Even though this bill would absolutely hurt women in the Granite State as pointed out yesterday, they are doubling down on this bill in order to push an agenda that has nothing to do with helping women and everything to do with winning elections. You see, the Senate Commerce Committee is made up of all men. There are 5 on the committee - 3 Republicans and 2 Democrats. So when this bill fails, as it should because it is based on proven lies and will hurt women, the Democrats can then claim the Republicans are waging a ‘War on Women’ as they falsely have been doing the past couple of years.

In an election year that is certain to turn Democrat seats over to Republicans thanks to the epic failure of Obamacare and the economy, Democrats had to come up with new propaganda to use in November. Their big push is going to be over ‘Income Inequality’ but if they can shove some women and minority issues in there (SEE: HB474 – in-state tuition for illegal aliens), they will absolutely add that into the mix. Democrats don’t push legislation based on logic or need; they push legislation that will potentially get them votes. Most of the bills they are bringing forth in the sessions right now are either unnecessary; try to solve a problem that doesn’t exist in New Hampshire or are outright useless but they ‘feel good’ to voters who are uninformed and ignorant of the facts. Many of these bills, if passed, will hurt New Hampshire.

While Granite Staters go to work every day; take care of their families; try to make ends meet or continue their education, Democrats are working hard to form a narrative that will get them votes rather than working hard for their constituents. Many Democrats in the legislature work with an outside group called Progressive States Network. PSN is a left wing organization that pushes an agenda in many states across the country by involving local state legislators in their group. So rather than push for legislation that will actually benefit New Hampshire residents, Democrats are pushing legislation from an outside organization that will actually hurt Granite Staters. New Hampshire Democrats are pushing the ‘Wage Gap’ lie solely for political purposes.

NOTE: Even left-leaning Politifact called the ‘women only earn 77 cents to a man’s 1 dollar’ a lie when Obama was pushing the Paycheck Fairness Act. There is absolutely no way Governor Hassan, Senator Larsen and the slew of Democrats pushing SB207 don’t have the facts that prove their legislation is based on inaccurate studies. h/t to Ed Mosca