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Why are men charged more for auto insurance? "Reckless Driving." Retrieved from: "Reckless Driving." Retrieved from:
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Though it may cause some to cry "sexism," women typically pay less for auto insurance than men do; typically by up to 20%. Men below the age of 25 constitute an especially 'vulnerable' demographic. While it is not necessarily the case that women are less likely to get into car accidents than men, it is certainly clear that men tend to become involved in much more serious car accidents that are more likely to produce serious injury or death, or major property damage, typically because men tend to drive more quickly and more aggressively, and engaging in risky behavior, such as turning sharply, tailgating, rapidly changing lanes, and so on.

Interestingly enough, this tends to be less true of married men, who have been shown to be less predisposed to accidents than single men. Married men have also been shown to drive more defensively. It is for this reason that auto insurance companies tend to charge married men for lower premiums. Once a man passes the age of 25, his premium is likely to decrease considerably. Another helpful way in which a man can decrease his insurance policy is simply by driving intelligently, and not being reckless. The longer you go without an accident or speeding citations, for example, the the lower your insurance premium is likely to be.

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