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Why an Employment Verification Service is Important?

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Before hiring an employee it is essential to adequate information relating to applicants. Since information provided by the applicants deem relevant, an employment verification service provides employers an effective way of determining applicant claim on previous job. This is necessary in the case where applicant will be given a big responsibility. Below is the list of checks that are helpful in varying the applicant claims in their CVs.

Criminal Record Check

Every country maintains a national database of criminal records of all the citizens. It depends as per the guidelines provided that different information can be documented like what is to be included and what is to be compiled. The most common information includes criminal charges, criminal convictions and acquitted criminal charges can be recovered through criminal record check. To check and verify details of employee, employer conduct criminal record checks. Criminal information might be relevant for the employer that’s why Criminal background checksis important.

Background Check

Typical background check is very important and is requested by the employers for those employees who are applying for the position in which of of trust and responsibilities are involved. Background Checks involve verifying individual information like financial position, references and criminal records. To conduct a background check you are required a pay a small amount to government agency or to hire some private entity.

Pre-employment Screening

Pre-employment screening involves an undertaking to verify the applicant claims whatever information mention in their CV’s. These information can be quite general and research oriented in lot of details. These investigations is useful to discover the criminal histories, to check the relevancy of work in previous organization and work related issues in past. Details included are any gap in employment history, any credit history etc. The importance of pre-employment screening to identify and verify applicant that they really are who they are claiming to be.

Employment Verification Service

This check is the part of employment screening. Employment verification service aims to disclose the authenticity of the employment history of applicant. Employment gaps details are disclosed at this point. As per the demand of employer’s requirements and effectiveness of the investigators a lot of information can be disclosed. Any previous employment clams are easily verified here.

Reference Check

Applicants give their references to verify their previous employment claims. Employers will verify the employment history of applicant, their attitude and their work ethic; from the employer of applicant listed as references.

Credential Verification

When applying for job, applicants should list their experience and qualifications they have for the job. Some applicants provides false credentials. With credential verification employers can easily verify such listed qualifications. This can ensure and can go long way that only qualified applicants are considered for high demanding jobs.