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Why amnesty for illegal immigrants is pernicious to America's future

Lawlessness is a harbinger of doom!
Lawlessness is a harbinger of doom! The Light of Christ on Facebook

Honestly, the party most amicable to the illegal immigrant is not bestowing mercy for mercies sake, but is simply building a foundation for a deeper Democratic voter base. 'Compassion' for the 'immigrant in crisis' is more for ideological reasons, built upon a future dependency on government furnished entitlements.

Sort of like the crack dealer cleverly building his, or her, clientele through drug dependency.

Hardly compassion or mercy at all!

Amnesty for illegal immigrants (with a stress on illegality), will further divide our nation, as many illegal immigrants will settle in the SouthWest region of the nation, and, with much international travel and commerce with their former nations, will, in effect, set up a quasi-Mexi/Central-America in the United States of America. Living so close to home, set up nicely on the Democrats government entitlements, why would they want to speak any other language than their own native language? Why, moreover, would they want to assimilate to the culture of the new host nation?

Then there is the conundrum of the empowerment of the new-Democratic ideology.

With an increased Hispanic voter base, and the ever present reality of Republicans watering down their principles to court the Latino vote, socialism, rampant government spending, the culture of death, class warfare, wimpy acquiescent international diplomacy, and a sluggish economy will become the new American norm--if it hasn't already.

Only time will tell, but we will find out rather quickly if the 'Christianity' of the majority of the Hispanic immigrants will outweigh the newly acquired taste for the Democratic parities alternative lifestyles.

Will their faith in Jesus tilt the American scale back toward Judaeo-Christianty, or will the lure of secularism, relativism, and hedonism, seduce them to worship the new Democratic American idols?

You can count on Barack and Hillary, not to mention millions of cafeteria Catholics, to work very hard for the Hispanic sentiment to tilt toward secular idolatry.