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Why American Atheists should embrace the 9/11 cross as their own

Why American Atheists should embrace the 9/11 cross as their own-slide0
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Atheism has a long history of bad PR yet, herein we are considering Atheism’s very own, self-authored, bad PR (see here for examples).

During the September 11, 2001 AD event, an 17-foot-tall cross section of steel beams broke off and impaled itself in the rubble in the form of a cross; the “World Trade Center cross.” Indeed, some interpreted the shape as a cross, and even a divine sign, and now seek to have it displayed as a part of the National September 11 Museum. The American Atheists organization (a watchgod group, an anti-Christian support group about whom you can learn here) have been fighting court battles in order to keep this from happening.

Since the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey owns the museum’s location; American Atheists concocted a claim that displaying the cross would be unconstitutional. At one of the hearings, Judge Reena Raggi stated:

“there are countless other religious artifacts on display at many museums. She asked the lawyer for the American Atheists if their goal was to censure history.”
The Judge asked Mark Alcott, lawyer for the 9/11 museum, whether an object could be added to the museum for Atheists to which he replied:

“There’s no constitutional requirement the cross has to be balanced by something else. The museum is not a proponent or opponent of religion.”
Well, for his part Ken Bronstein, of New York City Atheists, answered thusly:

“This is part of religious history. It’s an act of religious symbolism. It is a shrine now. That miracle cross should be moved back to St. Peter’s where it was for five years. What we have here is a definite consecrated religious object. It is not a historical artifact.”

So, you can have your cross and display it too…as long as it is not in the view of the secular public; keep it where you people congregate. You see, some Atheists take any and every public display of religion as a personal affront. Since they base their Atheist faith upon a negative affirmation (God does not exist or lack of belief in God; depending on the Atheist sect, see here) and emotionalism; they turn negativism into a worldview.

Fr. Brian Jordan, who served as the ground zero chaplain, noted:

“This was a sign of consolation. It’s was never meant to hurt anyone, hurt the atheists or anything like that. It is an artifact that should be included in the museum because it’s a history museum. This is a part of the memory of 9/11.”

Well, it seems that the World Trade Center cross is an Atheist symbol (learn about various Atheist symbols, and how American Atheists attempted to promulgate a universal one, here). After all, it represents the Atheist faith 99%. Generally speaking, it is safe to assume that Atheists, generally, believe, by faith, that life, the universe and everything came about uncaused by blind random chance when no one caused nothing to explode for no reason and made everything without meaning. Other Atheist sects believe, by faith, that an eternal, uncaused first case, dot of matter exploded and, voilà!, here we are to argue about it.

Well, the 9/11 event did occur to preexisting matter and it was purposefully caused by design, hence the 99% designation. Yet, thereafter it was all blind, unguided, goal-less, random chance, the working of the laws of nature, the laws of thermodynamics which resulted in the World Trade Center cross (by the way; Atheists deny that an omnipresent and omnipotent God rules the universe but affirm that omnipresent and omnipotent impersonal forces do so).

The cross got there virtually in the same way that life, the universe and everything got here and that is in the same way that Atheists, ultimately, answer every similar question; it just is, it just happened, it just happens to have happened that way, chance, coincidence, accident, time'did'it, matter'did'it, evolution'did'it, etc., etc., etc.

So, what American Atheists oppose is certain personages’ interpretation of a shape that came about randomly. American Atheists should simply affirm the 9/11 cross as symbolic of their faith in random chance.



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