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Why am I always helping "too many" animals?

Why am I always helping "too many" animals?
Lyn Lomasi

Each time I foster or adopt another animal, I feel like I am being interrogated. Why am I helping another animal? Can't someone else do it? Why can't I say no? Can't I just let the owners deal with it? Just send them to the shelter.

Every 10 seconds an animal dies in a U.S. shelter
That's correct. Here's a non-graphic video that highlights the issue: Just letting the shelter handle it is not an option for me when people come to me needing help. Unless the shelter is no-kill or can guarantee that an animal will not be euthanized, this kind of thinking can lead to an animal's death sentence. Even then, that isn’t an ideal situation.

The shelter life is not luxurious or meant to be a permanent home
How would you like it if your parents decided that once you weren't a cute baby anymore or you “misbehaved” or inconvenienced them, they took you to a place where they locked you in a cage all day and your chance of survival was up in the air? Sound inhumane? Of course it is. It's no different for animals than it is for humans. If you wouldn't treat a human that way, then why would you do the same to a helpless animal that depends on you for their safety and security – one that you willingly brought into your home to begin with?

Can't you just turn away and let someone else handle it?
Asking me why I don't just look away is like asking me if I have an ounce of heart at all. If you asked me this question, do you? Looking away could be the difference between that animal dying or living. Pardon me for having a heart, something which more people seem to need when it comes to animals. No, I can't just turn away. I would have to question anyone who could if they have the means to help.

Do you have to take all animals offered to you?
No, I don't and I do turn animals away when I don't have room because I have no choice. But whenever I have the space and ability to do so, I am going to help. Period. I am only one person so there is a limit to how many I can help and anyone who knows me can clearly see that I stay within a reasonable limit. Sometimes I find the animals new homes and sometimes we are able to adopt them. So yes, there will be rotation due to the ones that are temporary residents. However, I have never gone over the legal limit of pets for my area, so I am well within my rights to help as I am able. Deal with it because it's not going to stop. And I will open my animal rescue to help even more once I earn and raise the necessary funds.

If you can't deal with any of this, I'm sure you can find the exit without my help.

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