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Why all the talk around 'Django Unchained' is good

'Django Unchained' is the new movie released last week by Quentin Tarantino that has movie-goers talking and talking and talking. You see there is a lot of controversy surrounding the premise of the movie- an ex slave going crazy and shooting up a bunch of slave owners (aka white folk). While on the surface, the plot seems positive, and doesn't denigrate blacks there are many who would beg to differ.

Django Unchained
Photo by Donald Bowers/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company)

Some folks are complaining about the use of the 'n' word. Others are complaining at the amount of violence. Others still feel that the movie highlights black folks in a bad light. With Quentin Tarantino being helmed as a master of 'black films,' others still are infuriated that he as a white man gets to make the types of movies talking about black folks and their history, that black movie makers aren't able to make.

It's all crazy. People are going crazy. There are those that love the movie and see nothing wrong with it and are telling all their friends to see the best movie released in 2012. A movie hasn't caused this much controversy in at least a month!

But dear readers, all this talk is good.And do you know why? 'Django Unchained' is getting people talking about in the inequities in Hollywood. Why can't a black director get the greenlight for a project like this? When is, if ever, the n word appropriate in a film? How important is history and how should we recognize it? What are the reasons why people of color and white people may see the film different asides from the obvious? How is our society different from but still like the past?

These are questions and discussions that folks need to be having and for that reason 'Django Unchained' is playing an important role in our discourse about race.


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