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Why a pet might be a better Valentine than your boyfriend or girlfriend

Giving your heart to a human, should you give it to a pet instead?
Giving your heart to a human, should you give it to a pet instead?
Jo Ann Wentzel

This Valentine’s Day don’t worry if you don’t have a significant other. If you have a pet, you have all you need. Don’t have one, well there are dozens waiting to be adopted by you. Go get yourself a new love.

So why is a pet better than a boyfriend or girlfriend? First, pets love you unconditionally. Women, they don’t only love you when your hair is perfect and your wearing your sexiest outfit. They just don’t care what you are wearing and will gladly help you to get it dirty if you just play with them.

Are you having a bad hair day? Pets don’t really mind as long as you pet theirs they will excuse those times when hair is less than perfect. They love you in old sweat pants and stained t-shirts. They love you anyway you are because in their eyes you are always perfect.

Men, you know how women sometimes pull away a bit when you just played basketball and their wrinkled up nose shows they think you stink. Well, dogs don’t care. They love rolling in mud, dirt and even things we didn’t get to clean up yet. They love you unconditionally no matter how you smell. Didn’t shave, your girlfriend may mind, but pets don’t. They will still rub their loving heads against you and show you you’re special no matter what your face feels like today.

Pets are available 24/7 and don’t need to check their calendars to be with you. They are ready to go on a moments’ notice, is your girlfriend or boyfriend ready that quickly? I doubt it. First your human partner must shower, condition, dry and style their hair, apply deodorant and cologne or after shave, women must apply make-up and they still must consult their wardrobe to pick out what to wear. This could take hours. Pets are more interested in spending time with you. They want to go now so they can have more time playtime with their favorite person. No excuses, no preparation, just hop in the car and go.

Pets don’t need deluxe accommodations to be with you. They will sit in a cold car, smooshed into a small space. They will lay on a bare floor or ground just to be by you. They will eat out of anything you give them and do not really care about fine china and napkins, though some do enjoy eating them.

For you, pets will wear a collar and be pulled around on a leash, because they love you, even if they don’t the collar. They will put up with nail trimming, baths and brushing though not all enjoy these things. They will go to that scary place- the vet and let them prod and poke and prick them. They won’t necessarily like it. But, you wish them to do it, so they will oblige. How many of your significant others will do just anything you ask for you without question?

Pets’ loyalty is amazing. They will wait all day by a window for you to return and then greet you like the prodigal son. If they could, they would prepare you a feast and honor you with fancy cloaks and crowns, instead they bring you their prized possessions and offer them to you to play with and enjoy. How possessive are your boyfriends and girlfriends of their ‘special toys’ and vehicles?

So, take a good look at your relationship this Valentine’s Day and if your mate falls short of the ideal that pets provide for you freely, consider getting a dog.

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