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How a real Pokemon fighting game would work

Why a legit Pokemon fighting game makes sense-slide0

With the countdown to the rerelease of two classic Pokemon games this fall, the hunger for new games in the series builds up to a fever pitch. No, no new games in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon or Ranger series, but instead a real fighting game that takes advantage of the series strengths. The rumors of Pokken Tournament have swirled for far too long. Here's a few reasons why and how it would work.

Why a legit Pokemon fighting game makes sense

Two Huge Built-in Audiences: Pokemon games sell like crazy, as well do the Super Smash Bros games, which also feature characters from the Pokemon series. This makes so much sense financially that it's crazy it hasn't happened yet.

Other Series Have Made the Genre Move and Been Successful: Atlus' Persona series is a perfect example of a game moving from RPG to fighting and working. With just as much of a legacy and dedicated fan base, a Pokemon fighting game (not named Coliseum, which allows you to control your pocket monster and not send it orders) would work. Add in the fact that more Pokemon characters get added to every new Smash Bros title and the framework is already in place.

Huge Roster of Recognizable Fighters: 721 characters? It would be insane. Allowing gamers to have six fighters on their roster and switch out a-la "Marvel vs. Capcom" would add to the fun, too.

Series Could Feature an Elaborate Unlock Fighter System: You'd begin the game with the starters from every game and like "NBA Street," you'd get to steal a member of the team you just beat. The object of the story mode would be to collect the full roster, which would take over 50 hours to complete. How many fighting games have playability like that?

For the First Time in a Fighting Game, Moves Would do Different Damage Against Different Fighters: Just like the RPG, you'd have to manage types well. Your Ninetales would get creamed against Blastoise the same way your Dragonite would be weak against ice. This small gameplay innovation could change the fighting genre completely.

So what do you think of these wacky and wild ideas? Sound off in the comment section below and let us know!

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