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Why a Con-Con would be another big con on the American people

We need to defend the constitution, not amend it.
We need to defend the constitution, not amend it.
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In an age of great distrust of elected officials in both major parties, the last thing we need to do is allow these same individuals to legally mess with our constitution.

Why add more amendments to a document that is supposed to be the supreme law of our land when our elected "leaders" rip the amendments we already have to absolute shreds? They constantly break their oaths of office to defend the constitution. There is no level of government holding them accountable. There is no massive effort to unite We The People to DEMAND they uphold the constitution and their oaths.

If you think there are truly some good guys/gals in congress now then where are the impeachment hearings when their cohorts boldly offer-up new bills that are an abomination to our Bill of Rights? Where are they when these boldly illegal, daily activities are going on in congress? Where have they been in getting to the bottom of WHO the man living in our whitehouse really is? Despite an occasional good-sounding speech or lip service here and there, where are the serious actions to hold any elected member of our federal government or in our state governments accountable to THE LAW, the US Constitution? If you can find one..............................congratulations!!! You may have just found a needle in a moldy haystack.

The proponents of a constitutional convention claim that the Republican leadership in the states will be able to reign-in a convention and only pass good amendments. They are kidding, right? You mean the same party leadership that by hook or crook went against the will of the people in state after state by FORCING the nomination of the most unpopular candidate in the field for the Republican nomination for President, Mitt Romney? If they did not have a handle on controlling their state conventions in 2012, the same folks will be up against the same party leadership machine and not be able to control the outcome of a constitutional convention, now.

Proponents also say that we could propose a "good" amendment like a balanced budget amendment. Considering the obvious unwillingness by both major parties in congress to cut anything that the American people want them to cut, a balanced budget amendment would be potentially disastrous!

With our luck, a balanced budget amendment would be the ONLY amendment congress finally claims they must obey. Considering congress actually did agree recently on cutting veterans' pensions and food stamps, many Americans don't really like their brainstorms of what to finally cut. And if they can't agree on anything logical to cut in the future, a balanced budget amendment would guarantee new and higher taxes on everything for everyone.

How about we finally start demanding that our elected career politicians start following the constitution that we already have now? That would be a more logical idea than pushing for new amendments via a constitutional convention. Just say "no"!

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