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Whose side is Obama really on in Afghanistan?

Today it was confirmed that up to 87,000 Taliban are being trained in Afghanistan. We are seeing the mess the situation in Iraq has become because Obama withdrew troops prematurely. Contrary to what we were told, the Iraqi army was no where near capable of standing on their own, which has led to the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq. It seems that the president is now preparing to do the exact same thing in Afghanistan, and order a complete withdrawal of US forces from the country by the end of this year, and their army is not ready. They might have been if our military had been allowed to completely take out the enemy. Instead they had to do their job being subjected to crippling Rules of Engagement, compliments of their Commander-In-Chief.

A Taliban member is let free from a Jalalabad prison in May.
Courtesy of Getty Images

According to the New York Post, approximately a quarter of the Afghan National Security Forces are Taliban or Al-Qaeda operatives or sympathizers. Because the deadline is nearing, the Pentagon is relaxing normal rules and regulations regarding vetting and background checks for new recruits to the Afghan forces. Known Taliban and Al-Qaeda operatives are enrolling in the Afghan military, and getting training and pay courtesy of the US taxpayer as a result.

The rush to leave Afghanistan has given birth to a monster. The Afghans, trying to fill out their security forces, have been paying Taliban members to join their forces. They have been releasing Taliban prisoners, encouraging them to join the security forces as well. Routinely taking advantage of opportunities to attack US forces, Taliban and Al-Qaeda operatives use the disguise of Afghan army uniforms. Using the weapons and training that we have bestowed upon them, they are patiently waiting for US troops to leave so they can take the country back over.

The Pentagon allowed the Afghan government to take over and empty U.S. prisons of Taliban and other terrorists as part of a mass amnesty program. There's that "A" word our president loves. A terrorist “reintegration” program was also created. These two programs feed a recruiting pipeline for Afghan security forces whom US troops are training to take over for them. This training is further endangering our troops to insider attacks and jeopardizing our mission there.

As the Post writes, "Obama has made certain that the Afghanistan war will go down in history as a loss, and has virtually negated the sacrifices made by thousands of U.S. troops and Afghan civilians over the past 13 years. The Taliban will resume control of the country once we leave, and Afghanistan will once again be a safe haven for Al-Qaeda."

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