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Whoopi Goldberg needs a stager and some feng shui sense


Whoopi's SoHo loft can be yours

Whoopi Goldberg needs a stager and some feng shui sense. Check out the favorite blog of every home hound in the world, Real Have a look at Whoopi’s SoHo loft. OMG! Call Stager 911.

We all love Whoopi but she needs some help. No one cares who you are when your washer and dryer are front and center. Come on, let’s call the local hot carpenter and enclose those suckers.

The basic rules of staging are to declutter, depersonalize and create emotional attachment.

Whoopi girl, here are some tips:

1. Large spaces need large furnishings. Rent some larger pieces so people aren't overwhelmed by the scale.
2. Soften the edges. Try bigger, softer, flowing curtains and a few rugs.
3. You are selling your home, not your “stuff” so clear out the clutter.
4. The shabby chic bedroom look is not what you expect in a 4-mil house.
5. Sell what stays and highlight the space with pieces that show scale.
6. The light, bright, white look is actually overdone here. Put in a few pops of color.

In addition to staging tips, Whoopi needs some feng shui intervention to get her home sold. Everyone knows Fortune 500 companies use feng shui.  They just don’t like to let anyone know about the clear advantage of using a centuries old tool that works. Every good stager has a feng shui expert in her back pocket.

So what does our Dallas feng shui expert Lisa Sievers say? “In feng shui you want a spacious entry. Even though Whoopi’s entry is an odd shape and difficult to use from an interior design aspect, it allows the Qi (life force energy) to enter the space easily and move throughout the space freely.” Score one for Whoopi, her entry works!

Lisa’s tips:

1. Balance the Yin and Yang. There is too much Yang (hard surfaces and brightness) Solution? Add rugs, lamps and clear out the clutter. See how staging and feng shui work hand in hand?
2. Agents showing the property should turn on the ceiling fan in the entry and keep the area brightly lit. Agents should do their sales pitch in the entry.
3. Add a “moving” water feature to the entry.

Whoopi, hire a stager and a feng shui expert. Let us know what happens!

Images from Big Time Listings

The Real gives the inside skinny on Whoopi Goldberg’s current housing situation.

Check out Mark Levann, the Trendy Living Examiner for a complete slide show on Whoopi's loft.

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  • Dallas Events Examiner 5 years ago

    I completely agree with you. The first thing that caught my eye (after the shock of being blinded by the bright white sofa) was the laundry mat :) behind the furniture.

  • Ashley - Interiority Complex 5 years ago

    Couldn't agree with you more! Just looking at the space made me feel uncomfortable -- needs some staging love!

  • Nancy - Signature Style Staging 5 years ago

    loved this! Of course, I looked at the photo before reading the article, and my first thought was, "why would someone want the washer and dryer to be the focal point"? Great tips for Whoopi.