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Whoopi Goldberg defends Jay Z and his reaction to Solange Knowles’ attack

Since TMZ released video footage of Solange Knowles allegedly attacking Jay Z, reports published today question if Beyonce is having her wedding ring tattoo removed. Could it be another speculative rumor, and the tattoo is simply fading? Meanwhile, other celebrities are coming out and talking about the video footage.

Yesterday, it was reported that Beyonce has been posting sister photos on her social media sites. The photos consist of sisterly-fun hanging out at the Coachella festival, and other photos from a few years back. Some might see Beyonce as socially showing her love for her sister -- no matter what happened in the elevator.

Speculation on other sites indicate a plethora of rumors, which have not been confirmed by any person involved in the elevator incident the other night. Solange is also a singer, and has not publicly explained her reason for the alleged attack. Regardless, is it normal for anyone to act like that if their life isn’t in jeopardy?

Whoopi Goldberg has gone on record defending people who get hit. Whoopi said she believes anyone who hits another person has the right to hit them back, according to The View.

“If I slap a man, he has every right to slap me back. Every right,” Whoopi said in reference to the alleged attack.

Although, in the video Jay Z doesn't appear to fight back. Nothing has been released to confirm why the kicking and punching happened in the first place, but many people are still talking about the incident, especially on social media. Simply search #JayZSolange and a slew of unconfirmed tweets result from that hashtag. Other entertainment posts are asking questions that seem to imply Beyonce is on “Team Solange”. It appears some of the these posts go too far into speculation, and continue to pollute the media with speculative garbage.

When someone is violently hit by another person, is it the media's job to decide which "team" we should be on?

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