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Whoopi Goldberg slams Donald Trump's Ebola tweets: Trump not alone with concerns

Whoopi Goldberg bashes Trump's Ebola Twitter comments.
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Whoopi Goldberg slammed Donald Trump’s Ebola comment that he posted on Twitter Friday night. She came on strong Monday on "The View" about Trump being misinformed when it comes to the spread of Ebola. Trump is mirroring the fears and concerns that many Americans have today about bringing the two health workers back from West Africa after they contracted the Ebola virus.

According to MSN News on August 4, Whoopi didn’t see it Trump’s way and basically told him to get educated on the subject. She also claimed that Trump was her friend, so she didn’t want to insult him, but she called his comment an “idiotic comment.”

It seems that Trump is a bit more educated on the spread of Ebola than Whoopi gave him credit for. This was seen when he talked with “Fox and Friends” on Monday morning via the phone.

Although the Ebola virus is not an airborne spreading virus, it does spread through bodily fluids. It may be something as simple as human error that could cause Ebola to spread. As Trump mentioned even the CDC last month made a big mistake and staff there was exposed to a deadly flu virus.

This is the Centers for Disease Control, the top of the line when it comes to containing diseases, so if it can happen here, there’s a chance a mistake could happen anywhere. The Dr. who was flown in from West Africa and the female healthcare staff, who will soon follow are both quarantined using the strictest of procedures. The same could be said for the laboratory at the CDC where people were exposed to the deadly flu virus.

While procedures will be followed to the letter, there is always a chance for human error. Feasibly Ebola is just one mistake away from spreading while the patients from West Africa are being cared for in Atlanta. No one would want to turn away these two people who put themselves at risk to care for Ebola patients, but the key here is they put themselves at risk.

They knew the risks going into this humanitarian effort. If this man and woman stricken with Ebola happened to be Trumps daughter, son, niece, nephew or any other family member, maybe he might think differently. Most people would plead for their loved ones to be brought back to U.S. soil to be treated where their chances of survival would be much greater.

Trump made the suggestion to have a team of volunteers take all the technology and medication needed and go to West Africa to treat the American victims of Ebola. He is not alone in his thoughts, many are upset that Ebola is now in America.

Trump took to Twitter on Friday to state his case and suggest a team travel there rather than put the American population at risk. While the risk is extremely low, there is still a risk, so why chance it was his point. A well-trained medical team would have to volunteer, but with the proper instruments, medication and supplies, they could do the same in West Africa as they plan to do in Atlanta, is the case that Trump and many others are making today.

Whoopi sees this as foolish she said; "I like Donald, I try to be respectful, but this was an idiotic comment." She also said; "I'm not defending him, but he is also a friend of mine, so I don't want to be disrespectful to him, but that was a stupid comment," Goldberg said. "Do your homework, Donald. Just do your homework," according to Yahoo News today.

Dr. Jane Orient spoke with Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto today and she said they really don’t know how Ebola is transmitted. With a fatality rate of up to 90 percent, the people treating the doctor and who will be treating the woman patient in Atlanta need to take many precautions.

Orient said that they don’t know at what stage Ebola is contagious. They don’t know if a person is contagious before exhibiting symptoms, which could be a real problem.

Orient said that scientists are not entirely convinced that Ebola is not a airborne contagion. She said there had been some research released that show that mice, who had no contact with other mice with Ebola, had contracted the disease while being in separate cages. Does this suggest possible airborne contagion? She didn't say enough about the research in the quick segment to answer that question.

Still it is not known how long the Ebola incubation period is, making it hard to offer definitive statements on the deadly virus. Not enough is known about Ebola to make definite promises that the disease will be nipped in the bud once the two people coming from West Africa are on the road to recovery.

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